Guest Blogger: TJ Large

large250x200.jpgI would like to thank everyone that is taking the time to read my blog. I would like to start my blog by letting everyone know a little bit about myself.

Lets start in high school. I played on a high school team that went 31-0 and was named the number one high school team in the nation. On my team I played with Angels catching prospect Bobby Wilson and Ex-Angels first baseman Casey Kotchman. Ever since high school it has always been about getting to the big leagues. Getting to the big leagues was all that was talked about ever since I was 16 years old. Casey was a first rounder to the Angels. Bobby went to St. Pete. Junior College and signed with the Angels after our season. He had his first big league call up this year and went 1-for-1. In high school I was our number 3 starter. I had a great season going 12-0 and getting drafted by the S.F. Giants.

I attended Chipola Junior College my freshman year and then attended St. Pete Junior College my sophomore year. Bobby Wilson was my catcher at St. Pete. It was great being able to throw to a catcher that knew everything about me. I had a good year and after the season I was drafted to the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Following my season I played at the University of Alabama. I got injured my first year at Alabama. My second season there I became the Friday night starter. It was great being the Friday night guy. I knew of the status of being the Friday night guy and I felt the pressure. It took a couple of starts to get the hang of it, but after that everything was perfect.  There was a lot of pressure to win but I loved every moment of it.  I had an up and down season and after the season was drafted by the Boston Red Sox in the 46th round.

My professional career has been great so far. I have learned so many things that I cannot wait to teach to younger pitchers one day.I have always wanted to be a pitching coach and now with the experience and knowledge that I have learned I feel I can help kids with the correct ways of approaching the game of baseball. I came from a 46 round pick to a name that the organization mentions. It is a great accomplishment to me to be invited to the prestigious Arizona Fall League. I have come from a late round filler to an Arizona Fall League pitcher. It has been a long road and I know it will continue to be the same. I use all the negatives as positives and it pushes me to become something that nobody thought was possible.


Nice Blog… Best of Luck…

Great Blog… I have been following you since Lowell and your rise up the line has been fun to watch. Keep up the good work. You are the type of player the fans love to follow. You keep moving up the ladder even though the odds say late round picks arent supposed to be able to do such. Keep up the hard work it gives us every day hard working fans hope.

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