Last Entry.

Hello All. Sorry if took me til Saturday, but I fell asleep right after the night game last night. I am back from the bathroom and as usual, Beau Vaughn is being Beau. Taking my computer like that! But I finally made it back.

I just want to thank everyone who has made this all possible for me. MILB, and for all you fans who take the time to come to games or listen to games. I’ve really enjoyed my time out here making new friends as time passed. And even though my results aren’t the ones I was looking for, I still had fun. I am ready to be home though!

And for all my teammates, thanks for making this month and a half fun and memorable. 

Once again, THANK YOU EVERYBODY.  God Bless

                                                                    Josh Reddick, signing out!



Winding Down

Well another week has gone by and every week seems to be going by faster as we go. I believe every player is realizing that we are getting to the point to where we are going home. Personally I know it’s taking its effect on me. As much as I love this sport I am definitely ready to go home andbe with family and friends.

A normal day for us out here is to basically be at the field for stretch and batting practice. After we are done with batting practice, we go inside and eat. We come back out and do an infield and ourfield right before the game then play.

As for me player wise, I have finally started to hit the ball. I have been a little bit more selective as the Red Sox are asking me to do.

Hey Will and Billy and Marie. I love ya’ll and tell Will to keep on playing hard

Guest Blogger: Beau Vaughan

beau_vaughan.jpgHi, everyone.  I’m Beau.  Josh is in the bathroom right now and left his computer on, trying to figure out what he was going to write for his latest blog.  So, I thought I’d have some fun with this.  It’s a little complicated because computers didn’t actually come about until I was a junior in high school.  So bear with me.  I’m just kidding.  I was a sophomore.

I was asked to do this as a one time thing.  The guy that asked me did it as kind of a pity thing, I think.  He kind of asked everyone else right in front of me then made the dreaded mistake of eye contact.  So through a sense of social obligation, he kind of had to offer.  But it’s cool.  So now I get to offer my witty personality and deep opinions to you fine folks, all seven of you that are still reading this.  I think my fellow relievers in the Scorpions bullpen would tell you to turn off your computer right now and do something more useful, like sleep.  So, if you do keep reading, I thank you.  Mom.
I am the oldest player on the 2008 Scottsdale Scorpions.  I would say person, but pitching coach Ray Searage has got to be getting close to 90.  I was drafted in 2003 out of Arizona State University in the third round as a senior.  And I’ve been slowly climbing the rungs of the minor league ladder since.  
As for the actual baseball itself, we are not playing very well as a group which is a mystery.  Because we as a collective group, from five different organizations, get along remarkably well.  There is all kinds of talent on the field.  We just can’t explain it.  We have got the fastest man I have ever seen in person in the Giants’ Darren Ford.  We have the Astros’ Drew Sutton and the Red Sox Josh Reddick putting up impressive home run totals with their combined weight hovering somewhere around 250 pounds.  I feel extremely out of place on our pitching staff because I’m one of only about a few guys who doesn’t consistently throw 92 miles per hour or higher.  It is really amazing how much talent is on this team.   
Well, it has been an absolute delight.  Best of luck as you root on your team in the 2009 season whoever it is.  If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good bet it’s the Red Sox.  So root for them to make it 3 in the past 6 years.  I’ve got to go.  Survivor is on.  Good night.

Continuing to Enjoy Myself

Hello all. Josh Reddick here again reporting from Scottsdale Arizona. As you can see by our teams record we are still struggling quite a bit. But all in all we are enjoying ourselves even though we are losing. Like ive said before, this is a great team with tons of great guys. We all get along and have a great team chemistry.

As for myself, I seem to be having a hard time adjusting to the better pitching here. I’m just trying to take it one day at a time just to see how that goes. I did get to warm up pitchers between innings for the last two days. That was something totally different! But it was fun for me.

One thing I want to add is one of our guys on the team who always keeps us in a positive mood. Kevin Fransden is a great guy not only because he has been in the big leagues but he is always in a good mood. He is one of those guys who is serious during the game but as soon as we are in the clubhouse he is talking to everybody and making us laugh. We all need a guy like that on our team because he has had the experience and can keep us laughing.


As for the questions. I grew up loving the Atlanta Braves. Chipper Jones was a favorite but i mostly admired Ken Griffey Jr. They both played the game the way it should be. Hard and with heart 

Experiencing Rising Stars All Star Game

First off, that was a very intense game. I thought for sure we had the game when we came out 4-0 in the 2nd inning off of Phil Hughes. . . But overall the experience was amazing. Just getting to meet all the guys from around the league and to be able to play with the next generation of Major Leaguers is something out of this world. Even though we lost I had a great time playing and making new friends along the way. And doing well in the game was just a plus for me.


Other than that the Scottsdale Scorpions are still struggling a little bit. We have great talent and we hit the ball very well, but our errors in the field have been hurting us big time.  I’ve been out here for almost a month and i feel like I don’t want to leave. It’s such a great area to be around and an awesome atmosphere to play in. Like I said before, our team is full of great guys and we all get along great. We just need to get to the point where we can put it all together and win us some ballgames. Our staff consists of Shane Turner (Giants), Ray Searage (Pirates), Eric Owens (Angels), Mike Cather(Red Sox.) This group of guys are the most laid back set of coaches I have had since I started pro ball.

That’s all I have for now but I’m here to answer your questions

Guest Blogger: TJ Large

large250x200.jpgI would like to thank everyone that is taking the time to read my blog. I would like to start my blog by letting everyone know a little bit about myself.

Lets start in high school. I played on a high school team that went 31-0 and was named the number one high school team in the nation. On my team I played with Angels catching prospect Bobby Wilson and Ex-Angels first baseman Casey Kotchman. Ever since high school it has always been about getting to the big leagues. Getting to the big leagues was all that was talked about ever since I was 16 years old. Casey was a first rounder to the Angels. Bobby went to St. Pete. Junior College and signed with the Angels after our season. He had his first big league call up this year and went 1-for-1. In high school I was our number 3 starter. I had a great season going 12-0 and getting drafted by the S.F. Giants.

I attended Chipola Junior College my freshman year and then attended St. Pete Junior College my sophomore year. Bobby Wilson was my catcher at St. Pete. It was great being able to throw to a catcher that knew everything about me. I had a good year and after the season I was drafted to the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Following my season I played at the University of Alabama. I got injured my first year at Alabama. My second season there I became the Friday night starter. It was great being the Friday night guy. I knew of the status of being the Friday night guy and I felt the pressure. It took a couple of starts to get the hang of it, but after that everything was perfect.  There was a lot of pressure to win but I loved every moment of it.  I had an up and down season and after the season was drafted by the Boston Red Sox in the 46th round.

My professional career has been great so far. I have learned so many things that I cannot wait to teach to younger pitchers one day.I have always wanted to be a pitching coach and now with the experience and knowledge that I have learned I feel I can help kids with the correct ways of approaching the game of baseball. I came from a 46 round pick to a name that the organization mentions. It is a great accomplishment to me to be invited to the prestigious Arizona Fall League. I have come from a late round filler to an Arizona Fall League pitcher. It has been a long road and I know it will continue to be the same. I use all the negatives as positives and it pushes me to become something that nobody thought was possible.

Enjoying My First Week

well my first week here has been kind of slow for me personally and im struggling . But all in all my experience has been great. . . . the fields we play on are great and even though the fan base isnt all that big i am enjoying just being here. . my teammates are awesome and we have a great chemistry. as for my future in the Red Sox organization. I personally have no desire to be traded but if it comes down to it then i will accept a trade. It doesnt matter to me who i play for as long as im playing the game. Its what keeps me going everyday of my life and i have no intentions of stopping anytime soon.


I also found out today that i will be participating in the Rising Stars All Star Game. I dont know how i was nominated because i have struggled since ive been here but i will do my best and take advantage of this opportunity.



a little about me

First of all i want to say thank you for allowing me the chance to be here and to talk about myself. Lets just start about me. I live and was born and raised in Effingham County Georgia. It’s about 20 miles north of Savannah. I’m a small town country boy who was brought up to live baseball. I went to South Effingham High School and graduated in 2005. My two biggest influences are my father Kenny Reddick and my high school coach Tony Kirkland. My dad was electrocuted when i was just 1 years old and lost half an arm on his left and 2 fingers on his right hand. Despite this horrific accident he still took it upon himself to teach me everything i know about baseball. He taught me how to hit and throw without having barely any use of either hand. Tony Kirkland was the one who helped me advance my skills to the next level by working very hard and staying late after practice with me. He was a coach who never tried to change a hitter’s swing. He always went with what worked and that has been a vitale asset to my success. I talk to Coach Kirkland and my father on a regular basis throughout each week. I can tell them what i did at the plate that day and they know exactly what i am doing wrong before i even tell them. My mother Cheryl Reddick has been my biggest supporter as any mother should be in a young man’s life. But she is something special. No matter how far a game was away or how close she was always there and she was always the loudest one in the crowd. If you want to ask me anymore questions i will be glad to answer them