Last Entry.

Hello All. Sorry if took me til Saturday, but I fell asleep right after the night game last night. I am back from the bathroom and as usual, Beau Vaughn is being Beau. Taking my computer like that! But I finally made it back.

I just want to thank everyone who has made this all possible for me. MILB, and for all you fans who take the time to come to games or listen to games. I’ve really enjoyed my time out here making new friends as time passed. And even though my results aren’t the ones I was looking for, I still had fun. I am ready to be home though!

And for all my teammates, thanks for making this month and a half fun and memorable. 

Once again, THANK YOU EVERYBODY.  God Bless

                                                                    Josh Reddick, signing out!




Hey Josh – as a life-long member of Red Sox Nation I just want to say thanks for all your hard work and I hope that your future holds all that you hope for! Good-luck!


Nice blog. You are one of my favorite prospects in the sox systemm so I hope that when Drews contract is up, it will be you who takes over. Best of luck,

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