Experiencing Rising Stars All Star Game

First off, that was a very intense game. I thought for sure we had the game when we came out 4-0 in the 2nd inning off of Phil Hughes. . . But overall the experience was amazing. Just getting to meet all the guys from around the league and to be able to play with the next generation of Major Leaguers is something out of this world. Even though we lost I had a great time playing and making new friends along the way. And doing well in the game was just a plus for me.


Other than that the Scottsdale Scorpions are still struggling a little bit. We have great talent and we hit the ball very well, but our errors in the field have been hurting us big time.  I’ve been out here for almost a month and i feel like I don’t want to leave. It’s such a great area to be around and an awesome atmosphere to play in. Like I said before, our team is full of great guys and we all get along great. We just need to get to the point where we can put it all together and win us some ballgames. Our staff consists of Shane Turner (Giants), Ray Searage (Pirates), Eric Owens (Angels), Mike Cather(Red Sox.) This group of guys are the most laid back set of coaches I have had since I started pro ball.

That’s all I have for now but I’m here to answer your questions


hey! sorry you lost, but at least you had some fun while you were at it. i’m from maine- so i have the sea dogs roots- but am now living in boston and was a regular at fenway this season to say the least. cant wait to see you there josh.. someday. anyhow, here’s a question for you.. what team(s) and which player(s) were favorites of yours when you were younger?
this blog is a great idea. keep us posted!

Hi Josh,
No questions, just a quick comment. I’m glad you’re learning so much and having such a great time in the AFL. I got to see Jed Lowrie play there last year. Keep up the good work and I’m sure we’ll see you in Fenway before too long! Hope that the blog doesn’t take up too much of your time…. its an awesome idea!
Mama Linda

Hi Josh, I am Mike Patton’s
grandmother. He has told us a lot about you. I keep him updated whenever I read something about you. I have been a Red Sox fan since 1946!! We’ll be seing him over Than ksgiving, any messages? He is pitching fir NGCSU and doing well. I’d love to see him some day in the RS org. We wish you well. unlapin@aol.com

I’ve been a huge fan of yours since you played in Greenville. I know that the Sox where wanting you to draw more walks. I was woundering how you have change you approach at the plate? Do you find that you are becoming more compfortable with the new appoarch or is it still foreign to you?

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