a little about me

First of all i want to say thank you for allowing me the chance to be here and to talk about myself. Lets just start about me. I live and was born and raised in Effingham County Georgia. It’s about 20 miles north of Savannah. I’m a small town country boy who was brought up to live baseball. I went to South Effingham High School and graduated in 2005. My two biggest influences are my father Kenny Reddick and my high school coach Tony Kirkland. My dad was electrocuted when i was just 1 years old and lost half an arm on his left and 2 fingers on his right hand. Despite this horrific accident he still took it upon himself to teach me everything i know about baseball. He taught me how to hit and throw without having barely any use of either hand. Tony Kirkland was the one who helped me advance my skills to the next level by working very hard and staying late after practice with me. He was a coach who never tried to change a hitter’s swing. He always went with what worked and that has been a vitale asset to my success. I talk to Coach Kirkland and my father on a regular basis throughout each week. I can tell them what i did at the plate that day and they know exactly what i am doing wrong before i even tell them. My mother Cheryl Reddick has been my biggest supporter as any mother should be in a young man’s life. But she is something special. No matter how far a game was away or how close she was always there and she was always the loudest one in the crowd. If you want to ask me anymore questions i will be glad to answer them


Hey Son, It’s Mom and I just read your blog and wanted to comment. You are such an amazing young man and such an inspiration in my life as well. I miss you terribly, but support your every move 100%!!!! I will be watching the GameDay on Milb.com every chance I get and yes I will be giving you advise and telling you what you need to do even though you can’ hear me!! Just know I am cheering you and your team on from GA!!!Wish of course I could be there with you–but as always I am in heart!! I will always be the loudest one in the crowd!! Love you much and Do What You Do Son!!!

Hey Josh,
First, I wanted to thank you for taking the lead on this blog for the Red Sox organization. This is an important tool in the development of young players such as yourself. I have actually had the opportunity to see you play a couple of times this past season in Connecticut and in Portland and think that you are one of the exciting players coming up through the organization. It’s obvious watching you play that you have a passion and zeal for the game. But besides all of that you look like you are having fun the entire time you are on the field, e.g. the new haircut! Keep us posted and most of all keep swinging!

First off I’m a big fan, congrats on your early success as well as your dominance in the AFL. With Jacoby penciled in at center for the next decade plus will you be willing to move to rightfield or would you want a trade? I hate to put you on the spot but you have so much potential I want to see you in a Sox uniform for years to come. Keep on hustlin’
Paul Hudson

Josh –
Great to see that you, TJ, Aaron, and Clay are off to a strong start in AZ. Kick Mark, Ryne, and yes, even Beau in the @!! – we’re pulling for them back here in ME. We have PSD season tix and hope to see you spend at least a few weeks at Hadlock prior to going up (South) to the Pawsox.

Good luck in the AFL. Look forward to hearing about your experiences.

Red Sox Ramblings: http://thevendahhh.mlblogs.com

Hi Josh. I have enjoyed spending my saturday mornings with cup of coffee and checking up with yours and Austins progression through the minor leagues on the internet. It is great to see that you will not forget where you came from by mentioning the influences of your Dad and Tony Kirkland. Tony has enabled Paul to continue chasing his dream in college baseball also. I got to watch you play in Rome and enjoyed watching you play with the same passion for baseball that you had in Rincon when you were six years old. All of us back in Effingham are rooting for you. Good luck and tell mom and dad hello.

Hey Josh! Keep your head up and like your Mom said “do what you do” best. We miss you in Effingham but are all sooo proud of you. Its great to hear your liking Arizona and your making life long friends. Stay safe and have loads of fun along the way. Moma, Lisa

Hey, Josh it’s your cousin Will.I love your personality and how you play the game. I miss you and love you!!! Your are my role model and mentor. I’m doing good in ball and my birthday just passed, and my mom and dad miss you, too. Keep up the good work in America’s favorite game. I watch you on the computer every time i can. Keep it up BIG DOG!!!!!!!!!

Hey Josh I’m yelling at you from down here in Pa.I go to the Trenton thunder games to see the red sox –(Portland) team only when you guys come into town.I won’t go to any other games–(hate those yankees)–You have been one of my favorites and I’ve been following your progress–I want to wish you all of the best in your future–since I’m an ex prof . I think I know talent when I see it. Be cool –Relax and enjoy your career–best of everything wherever you are –I’ll still be following you wherever you may be and I hope It’s the Red Sox soon for you.!!!

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